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Wise Folder Hider Pro Pre-Activated

Wise Folder Hider Pro is a robust software application that safeguards sensitive files and folders on users’ computers.

An Overview of Wise Folder Hider Pro

With its intuitive interface and straightforward functionality, users can easily hide their private data from prying eyes. The program offers advanced features such as password protection and double-layered security, ensuring only authorized individuals can access the hidden content. It also protects external drives, allowing users to secure their data even on removable storage devices like USB flash drives or external hard drives. Whether for personal or professional use, this software provides a reliable solution for maintaining the privacy and security of valuable files and folders.

Moreover, the Pro version of the software offers additional functionalities such as secure encryption algorithms and automatic protection, further enhancing the security of hidden data. Pro users receive priority technical support, so any issues or concerns are promptly addressed, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Overall, it is a dependable solution for individuals and organizations seeking to fortify their digital privacy and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Characteristics of Wise Folder Hider Pro

  • Improved interface
  • Advanced encryption algorithm
  • Password protection
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Multiple levels of hiding
  • Automatic locking
  • Support for external drives
  • Context menu integration
  • Online help and support

Data Sheet

Software: Wise Folder Hider Pro
Developer: Wise Folder Hider
Interface: Silent Install
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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