YouTube ReVanced 18.31.40 [Non Root] [2.186.10] (Android)

Free Download YouTube ReVanced Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is an excellent option for Android who want to enhance their YouTube experience.

An Review of YouTube ReVanced Premium APK

YouTube ReVanced represents a modded iteration that bestows Background Playback, Ad-Free content, SponsorBlock, the return of YouTube Dislikes, and various other enticing features.

This sophisticated rendition of the esteemed video-sharing platform introduces novel and enhanced user functionalities. This article overviews its features, system prerequisites, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Characteristics of YouTube ReVanced

  • Seamless Ad-Free Experience
  • Background Playback
  • Picture-in-Picture Mode (PiP)
  • Elegant Dark Mode
  • Custom Themes
  • Video Downloads 

Patch Information

  • Modify the homepage.
  • Employ client spoofing.
  • Bypass ambient mode restrictions.
  • Apply the custom branding icon “Revancify Red” patch.
  • Set a custom branding name.
  • Customize the seek bar color.
  • Adjust the video playback speed.
  • Specify the default video quality.
  • Control the default video playback speed.
  • Disable haptic feedback.
  • Deactivate landscape mode.
  • Eliminate the QUIC protocol.
  • Prevent the startup shorts player.
  • Enable the use of an external browser.
  • Enable playback while minimized.
  • Revert to the old layout.
  • Restore the old quality layout.
  • Enable direct links opening.
  • Enable seek bar tapping.
  • Enable the tablet mini-player.
  • Utilize the tablet navigation bar.
  • Adjust the playback speed for timestamps.
  • Enlarge the search bar.
  • Apply a specific background to the player button.
  • Ensure a premium heading is always displayed.
  • Use the VP9 codec.
  • Switch between different headers.
  • Hide the account menu.
  • Conceal auto-captions.
  • Remove auto player popup panels.
  • Hide the autoplay button.
  • Disable the autoplay preview.
  • Conceal the button container.
  • Hide the captions button.
  • Remove the cast button.
  • Conceal the category bar.
  • Hide the channel avatar section.
  • Remove the channel watermark.
  • Conceal the collapse button.
  • Hide the comment component.
  • Conceal the create button.
  • Remove the crowdfunding box.
  • Keep the email address hidden.
  • Hide the end screen cards.
  • Conceal the endscreen overlay.
  • Hide the filmstrip overlay.
  • Remove the floating microphone.
  • Conceal the flyout panel.
  • Hide the fullscreen button container.
  • Remove the fullscreen panels.
  • Conceal general advertisements.
  • Hide info cards.
  • Remove the live chat button.
  • Conceal mix playlists.
  • Hide the music button.
  • Hide the PIP notification.
  • Apply a specific background to the player button.
  • Conceal the player overlay filter.
  • Hide the previous and next buttons.
  • Remove the seek bar.
  • Hide the shorts button.
  • Conceal the shorts component.
  • Hide the shorts navigation bar.
  • Remove the snackbar.
  • Conceal the stories section.
  • Hide suggested actions.
  • Remove the time stamp.
  • Hide the tooltip content.
  • Remove video ads.
  • Switch between different layouts.
  • Remove the vertical video restriction.
  • Implement Material You design elements.
  • Ensure MicroG support.
  • Optimize resources.
  • Show overlay buttons.
  • Provide various patch options.
  • Spoof Protobuf data.
  • Restore the option to dislike videos on YouTube.
  • Enable the Sponsorblock feature.
  • Implement swipe controls.
  • Switch the create notification.
  • Apply a custom theme.
  • Allow translations for various languages.

Installation Guide

  1. Commence by installing Vanced MicroG.
  2. Subsequently, proceed with the installation of YouTube ReVanced Extended.
  3. Initiate YouTube ReVanced Extended after installation.
  4. Sign in to your account.


Application: YouTube ReVanced
Developer: Info
Medicine: Modded

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