Blue Iris

Blue Iris is a software that provides businesses with video surveillance and webcam services. It helps automate security operations, live camera viewing, remote access, action list viewing, screenshot capturing, and audio and video recording storage in a centralized location.

Blue Iris review

Up to 64 cameras (IP, web, and DVR/CCTV-based) may be seen and recorded simultaneously with this surveillance software, which is compatible with most IP camera and DVR brands.

Employing H.264 video compression may reduce bandwidth usage and save hard drive space. Your Windows PC may be upgraded with Amcrest to a feature-rich, premium video surveillance system.

Features of Blue Iris

  • Start recordings using audio or motion detection, or record frequently or infrequently.
  • the time and date right now, along with a logo or other details
  • Record audio if desired.
  • Use a timer to track the system’s arming status.
  • You may take pictures using JPEG images, MPEG videos, or Windows Media movies (full version).
  • Receive alerts via voice call with automatic redial, email, instant messaging, a loudspeaker, or an external program or script.
  • Run it as a Windows service to control Blue Iris’ behavior on a shared machine.
  • When a password is saved, it is encrypted.

Data Sheet

Software: Blue Iris
Language: Multi-language
Developer: Safe Cloud Studios
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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