Avast Cleanup – Phone Cleaner 23.16.0 [Pro] [Mod] (Android)

Free Download Avast Cleanup – Phone Cleaner Pro MOD Version APK for Android Phones and Tablets. This is an exceedingly potent cache and detritus purging application.

Reviews of Avast Cleanup – Phone Cleaner APK

An immensely efficacious application for Android devices is presented here, designed to sweep away redundant cache and superfluous detritus. Its purpose lies in creating spaciousness to accommodate your desired elements. Within its functionality lies the capacity to erase app cache and extraneous files originating from Android and your applications. This encompasses caches, transitory files, and residual data.

A notable attribute is the app’s automatic prowess in identifying and eliminating subpar photographs, contributing to the liberation of valuable space. Should Avast Cleanup harbour any uncertainty about an image’s quality, you can deliberate its disposition.

Furthermore, the capability to derive maximal utility from your device’s battery life is also encompassed within its repertoire. This is achieved through the deactivation of infrequently utilized phone functions. Additionally, the provision to configure profiles for the automatic modulation of battery consumption contingent on your geographical location is afforded.

Characteristics of Avast Cleanup – Phone Cleaner

  • Efface app caches redundant files from Android and its corresponding applications, including stocks, transitory files, and residual data.
  • Discern applications occupying excessive storage space.
  • Identify and delete applications that no longer find utility in your usage.
  • Eradicate duplicates, resemblant items, antiquated entities, and photographs of substandard quality.
  • Enhance photograph proportions and migrate originals to cloud storage.
  • Discern the superlative photograph amidst a collection.
  • Induce dormancy in applications to elongate battery lifespan and expedite device responsiveness.
  • Curtail the operation of CPU, battery, memory, and resource-draining applications.
  • Eliminate factory-installed redundant software and other applications that have fallen into disuse.

Mod Info

  • Professional and paid features have been unlocked;
  • Unnecessary permissions, receivers, providers, and services have been disabled or removed;
  • Graphics have been optimized and resources cleaned to ensure swift loading;
  • Licenses, services, and providers related to advertisements have been eradicated from Android. manifest;
  • Links to advertisements have been deleted, and corresponding methods nullified;
  • The visibility of ad layouts has been deactivated;
  • Seamless functioning of Google Drive Cloud has been established;
  • Installation package verification from Google Play Store has been bypassed;
  • Debugging code has been eliminated;
  • Occurrences of default .source tags in the relevant Java files have been eradicated;
  • Analytics, Crashlytics, and Firebase functionalities have been deactivated;
  • Anonymous analytics and GDPR consent have been excluded;
  • The software development kit (SDK) for Facebook ads has been entirely removed;
  • Promotional applications have been extracted from the menu;
  • Support for AOSP (Android Open Source Project) compatibility has been integrated;
  • Startup no longer involves a promotional page;
  • Absence of active trackers or advertisements;
  • Available in a comprehensive range of languages;
  • Compatible with multiple CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a;
  • Optimized for various screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
  • The original package signature has been modified;
  • Released under the supervision of Balatan._


Application: Avast Cleanup – Phone Cleaner
Developer: Info
Medicine: Modded

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