O&O SafeErase Professional 18.2.606

Free Download O&O SafeErase Professional for Windows PC is an application designed for the advanced and permanent removal of files from hard drives. We can completely clean data media from sensitive information, such as passwords in browsers, confidential documents, or private photos.

An Overview of O&O SafeErase Professional

The software O&O SafeErase Professional provides the means to delete data through various avenues, guaranteeing the irreversible eradication of deleted files, impervious even to the endeavors of proficient enterprises.

Beyond the mere elimination of customary files, O & O SafeErase extends its prowess to efface traces of your cybernetic sojourns, obliterating data stemming from your forays into browsing history, cookies, and any transitory files amassed upon your computing device during online perambulations. This sweeping functionality encompasses the foremost web browsers – Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer – all finding support and accommodation.

Features of O&O SafeErase Professional

  • Meticulously relocate files and directories.
  • Employ six methodologies to purge sensitive data irrevocably
  • Achieve seamless integration into the labyrinth of Windows Explorer
  • Receive detailed chronicles as tangible attestations of annihilation
  • Optimize the velocity of deletion processes for expediency
  • NEW: Unveil an analytical apparatus for the pursuit of imprudently obliterated files
  • NEW: Embrace an adapted methodology for the destruction of SSD-held data
  • NEW: Heighten the sophistication of reports and the oversight of activities

Data Sheet

Software: O&O SafeErase Professional
Language: Multilingual
Developer: O&O
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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