SideFX Houdini FX 19.5.435

Houdini is a powerful and innovative graphic program designed to create bright special effects. This product is a leading market leader in its specialization, as it is used not only by amateurs but also by world-famous professionals.

The engine on which the program is based allows users to create the most unimaginable things: huge fires, spectacular explosions, large-scale destruction, and much more. Moreover, all these effects are performed at the highest level, which is why Houdini is often used by specialists when creating films.

Professionals will be able to create a project on their own, processing each graphic particle in person, but for beginners, there are ready-made templates that greatly simplify the entire work process. Therefore, even without special skills and knowledge, people themselves can create high-quality special effects.


Other advantages should also be highlighted:


Houdini has historically not been very convenient in its interactive operation, sometimes requiring a long modeling process. With some improvements in Houdini19 and the new 23, now modelers can intuitively complete the new adjustment and editing operations in the view window, adding ring edges, soft selection highlights and some new tools, such as: PolyBride and PolyExpand2D. For manipulation of high-resolution models, the new topology tool makes it easy to draw low-resolution geometry by means of high-resolution geometry.


Houdini19 improved Mantra rendering is faster and richer, such as checkpoints and render view feedback. Material tools have been enhanced, new material library, rebuilt Sheder FX2.0 menu, new layer material and cartoon material added.

Houdini 19 also integrates Disney’s physically-based materials, the purpose of which is to increase artistic flexibility. Additionally, a free PBR texture library will be available on and the Houdini16 material tool.

Marerial stylesheets creates a production-grade workflow for creating and managing material overrides for Alembic files and Packed geometry. Easily set up randomized textures and differentiated materials for objects that require a unique look, such as crowds of people.


Animation workflow in Houdini 19 Onion Skinning, an action library panel, improved character controller panel, better enhanced keyframe list. This allows for easier control over Houdini’s keyframe properties.

New neat male and female rig assets have been added, which artists can use to explore the character control capabilities of Houdini’s animation tools. Houdini 16 also includes support for warping deformed geometry and preventing volume loss.

Houdini Games

Improvements in modeling in Houdini 19 will be carried over to games, especially useful when building digital assets in Unity and Unreal. The PolyExpand2D tool can easily calculate Straight-Skeleton, which is an ideal way to create it.

Houdini 19 also includes texture baking and viewport support for UDIM textures, world space normal maps, UV mesh boundaries and overlapping UV regions. Game makers can now import and export tangent space normal maps and convert bump and displacement maps onto normal maps.

Character Cluster Ragdolls

Ragdolls dynamics have been added to Houdini 16’s character crowd tool, along with limb detachment, fuzzy logic and some better crowd behavior. He can now more easily control the shape of materials and geometry and add character tools to specific target positions. There is also an Agent Cam tool, which creates a camera that looks at the agent character in the shot from a similar angle.

Distributed VFX

Houdini 19 will greatly improve the productivity of VFX artists and facilitate the simulation of larger and more vivid FX effects. The new Adaptive PBD allows artists to focus more on the particles involved in collisions in grain simulations. New viscous fluid tools such as lava, melting objects and emitting steam allow artists to achieve production-quality results more

System Requirements

Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 (64/32 bit OS) or later
CPU: At least dual-core CPU, clocked at 2.0GHz above, the memory of at least 4G

Data Sheet

Software: SideFX Houdini FX
Language: Multilangual
Developer: SideFX
Medicine: XFORCE_Release

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