Simplebim Desktop 10.0 SR7

Simplebim Desktop Pre-Activated
Simplebim Desktop Pre-Activated

Simplebim Desktop is a specialized software tool designed to enhance the interoperability and usability of Building Information Modeling (BIM) data for construction and engineering projects.

An Overview of Simplebim Desktop

Simplebim enables users to streamline their workflows and improve collaboration among stakeholders by providing tools for importing, cleaning, and optimizing BIM models. The software allows for extracting the information needed for various use cases, ensuring that BIM data can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of different disciplines and project phases.

With Simplebim Desktop, users can validate and enrich BIM data, apply custom data templates, and export data to formats compatible with other industry-standard tools and systems. This ensures that the BIM process becomes more efficient, reducing errors and enhancing the overall quality of construction projects. Simplebim’s user-friendly interface and powerful features make it a valuable resource for professionals seeking to leverage the full potential of BIM technology.

Characteristics of Simplebim Desktop

  • Import IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) files.
  • Edit and manage BIM object properties.
  • Validate BIM data against predefined rules.
  • Automatically fix common issues in BIM models.
  • Create and apply custom data quality rules.
  • Add missing information or properties to BIM objects.
  • Link external data sources to enrich the BIM model.
  • Use templates to standardize processes and outputs.
  • Create templates for repeated tasks and projects.
  • Export BIM data to various formats tailored for different uses.
  • Control the level of detail and information included in exports.
  • Graphical representation of BIM models for more straightforward navigation.
  • Interactive model viewing with object selection and highlighting.

Data Sheet

Software: Simplebim Desktop
Interface: Silent Install
Developer: Simplebim
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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