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Total Uninstaller
Total Uninstaller Pre-Activated

Total Uninstaller is indicates that any additional type of component should not remain on the finish of uninstallation.

An Overview of Total Uninstaller

It is usually created with an interaction GUI that, by clicking, allows a change to choose a program to delete. More added features are among, the deep scan algorithms used to look for software that related to be uninstalled or even uninstall the programs entirely. Furthermore, it comes with batch installations that provide several applications all at once. The backup functionality means that the installer will create a restore point before installing it in case anything goes wrong and data is lost.

Characteristics of Total Uninstaller

  • Monitor changes in the registry and file system to track new installations.
  • Thoroughly uninstall and analyze or monitor programs.
  • Create program backups and restore them as needed.
  • Organize installed or monitored programs into groups.
  • Swiftly and effortlessly locate programs to uninstall using keyword search.
  • Customize the views of the detected changes according to user preferences.
  • Present a comprehensive uninstall log with detailed information.
  • Perform powerful searches within the detected changes.
  • Export registry changes for installation or uninstall purposes.
  • Export the list of installed or monitored programs to a file.
  • Export detected changes to a file or printed them.

Data Sheet

Software: Total Uninstallerer
Developer: TotalUninstaller
Interface: Silent Install
Medicine: Pre_Activated

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